Worldwide competence center for polycarbonates

Culture meets chemistry

If you are seeking sophisticated charm and a metropolitan feel with a predominant seaside resort flair, then Antwerp in Belgium is for you. A plethora of patios, the yacht harbor and the River Scheldt make even the locals feel like they are on vacation there. But the city is also recognized for its commitment to the chemical industry.

Bayer MaterialScience's facility in Antwerp is located in the heart of the harbor.

After World War II, the Port of Antwerp was expanded and on its premises several chemical factories and oil refineries were established – one of them was Bayer. The chemical and petrochemical industry is widely represented in the port region and comprises the world's second largest cluster of petrochemical industry activity.

The Bayer MaterialScience Antwerp facility was established in 1961 on the right bank of the River Scheldt, located strategically in the heart of the Antwerp harbor, the second largest port in Europe for international shipping freight and the 10th largest in the world.

The facility produces high-grade plastics, intermediates and additives for plastics commonly used in the construction, electronic or automotive sectors.

Key product lines include polycarbonate, from which DVDs or automotive and computer parts are manufactured. Total annual production capacity is rated at 1.2 million metric tons.

Input for new plants

Because of its innovative nature and team spirit, Bayer Antwerp has become the Bayer-worldwide “Competence Center” for the production of and technology associated with polycarbonates. As a result of this honor, Antwerp staff members provide input into the planning, building and start-up of any new Bayer polycarbonates plant.

In their spare time, employees can do a lot of things in the city, since Antwerp has not only well-known offerings for culture and fashion but is also famous for its local products. Each year in August, locals celebrate the Bollekesfeest, which showcases typical products such as "Bolleke," an amber-colored beer from the De Koninck Brewery.