Materials for environmentally friendly goods

Innovations for today’s issues

The earth’s natural resources are being depleted and its climate is undergoing unsettling changes. The world’s population keeps growing, adding to the enormous challenges we face. Bayer MaterialScience is helping meet these developments with innovative, sustainable products and applications.

challenges and solutions
The world is facing big challenges. Bayer MaterialScience is looking for solutions.

The world gains one billion people every 14 years; five decades ago there were two megacities – today there are around ten times as many, consuming amounts of energy and emitting billions of tons of carbon dioxide; and within one century, the planet’s average temperature increased by roughly one degree Celsius.  

These are just a few facts that illustrate the major challenges of our time: Population explosion, urbanization, resource scarcity and climate change, plus increasing mobility, the rapid changes in information technology and, last but not least, people’s desire for a more comfortable life – sustainable solutions must be found for all of these trends.

Research-based industries are well positioned to help do just that. Materials such as those developed and produced by Bayer MaterialScience are a substantial source of potential for innovation. Experts say that up to two-thirds of all innovations depend either directly or indirectly on materials.

The products and applications from Bayer MaterialScience can make significant contributions to a sustainable future. They make cars lighter, enhance the energy efficiency of houses and boost energy yields from renewable sources such as wind and solar power plants – creative solutions in keeping with the Bayer motto "Science For A Better Life."