Focused investment policy, high level of innovation

Solid growth and a global presence

Market oriented investments and a well-stocked innovation pipeline are the cornerstones of Bayer MaterialScience. Add to this excellent customer proximity with some 30 major production sites and a dense network of service facilities throughout the world.

Bayer MaterialScience posted sales of EUR 11.2 billion in fiscal 2013. Adjusted for currency effects and portfolio changes, earnings were at the level of the previous year. We succeeded in slightly increasing sales volumes.

 Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) before special items dropped by 15 percent to EUR 1,1 billion, due mainly to higher raw material costs. This corresponds to a return on sales of 9.5 percent.

A strong innovator

The company invests a good EUR 300 million year for year in research and development. Roughly 1,100 of the 14,300 total employees worldwide work in innovation centers, from Leverkusen to Shanghai and Pittsburgh. As many as 218 patent applications were filed in 2013 alone.

Bayer MaterialScience will continue to invest in its worldwide plants over the next few years. The focus is on China, with EUR 1 billion being invested there alone in additional production capacities.

Close to customers

The company shows a strong presence in other regions as well, in accordance with the principle, “Think global – Act local.” Bayer MaterialScience is there where the markets are, and where customer needs require us to be.

The company operates some 30 main production locations around the world. The facilities at these sites are world-scale: State of the art, highly efficient, reliable and safe. They enable Bayer MaterialScience to benefit from short delivery times and great flexibility, while offering decisive advantages for global customers.

In addition, dozens of specialized facilities around the world, yet close to customers, provide personalized support and custom solutions. Finally, the company has a tight global network of competence, technology and innovation centers that is steadily being expanded.