An organization for clarity and strength

Well sorted

You can’t have a successful company without clear structures. Bayer MaterialScience is organized into three large business units according to its most important product groups. Added to these are numerous central functions. All are united in their efforts to have their ears close to the market.

Bayer Cross at the Cologne/Bonn airport, Germany.

Bayer MaterialScience has bundled its business with precursors for rigid and flexible foams in the Polyurethanes Business Unit, which is easily the largest of the three pillars. Polycarbonates, the second-most important segment, produces granules for high-performance plastics, while activities involving raw materials for coatings, adhesives and sealants are concentrated in the Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties Business Unit.

The central function Industrial Operations is the backbone of production. This unit is responsible for such things as the smooth operation and the safety of the plants, the global procurement of raw materials and ensuring the supply of energy.

Listening carefully

All of the units are dedicated not only to top-quality products, but also to innovations that make life better, easier and more sustainable. Bayer MaterialScience is striving to develop solutions that are even better tailored to current and future needs.

To ensure that it can do this, the company has anchored the core principle of Industrial Marketing – listening carefully to what the markets need – throughout the organization.