Products and solutions for global challenges

Innovative and sustainable

Bayer MaterialScience wants to use high-tech polymer materials and application solutions to help master global challenges, such as the depletion of fossil resources, climate change, increasing mobility and urbanization. In keeping with the Group mission, “Bayer: Science For A Better Life,” the company wants to help make life easier, more pleasant and safer while conserving natural resources.

Focus on sustainable products: Rotor blades for wind power turbines with a novel polyurethane filler.

The product portfolio is being continuously refined and expanded through high-level research and development. It consists primarily of components for polyurethane foams, the engineering plastic polycarbonate and raw materials for coatingsadhesives and specialties. These products are in demand in key sectors such as the automotiveconstruction and electrical/electronics industries.

Besides product innovations, Bayer MaterialScience is focused on developing new and better manufacturing processes to help protect the environment and also to provide our own company and our customers with cost and technological advantages. At the same time, Bayer MaterialScience continuously makes market-based investments in modern and safe production facilities, with the aim of expanding its technology leadership and taking a leading position in the industry in the area of safety.

Strengthening leading positions

In view of the above, Bayer MaterialScience strives for long-term, profitable growth. In particular, we want to consistently earn a premium on our capital costs. We want to defend and expand our leading positions on global markets. The company intends to continue seizing growth opportunities in the future, particularly in emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia.

All of Bayer MaterialScience’s activities are guided by a far-reaching sustainability concept. It means taking a holistic view of value-added chains in an effort to give consideration to societal as well as ecological and economic aspects.

Our dedicated and well-trained employees contribute to the success of our company. They should be able to develop to their fullest potential at Bayer MaterialScience. The company attaches great importance here to diversity and equal opportunity.