Innovations, sustainability and an eye for the needs of customers

Taking aim at new markets

Long-term profitable growth is Bayer MaterialScience’s primary goal. The way to achieve it is through a clear strategy directed towards innovation and sustainability, a focus on high-growth emerging economies and proximity to markets.

Bayer MaterialScience wants to be the world's best company in its industry, the preferred choice of customers and employees alike.

The platform is in place: we have leading Business Unitsglobal presence, cutting-edge facilities, an excellent workforce and a long tradition of research.

Bayer MaterialScience has defined carefully coordinated objectives to further enhance these strengths and secure the long-term future of the company.

Excellence in production: The company is striving to achieve even greater efficiency through leadership in technologysafety, quality and environmental matters. Its high standards are documented by a comprehensive set of external certificates.

Global systems: Standardized processes in all business units will help to further optimize cost structures and gain competitive advantages.

Industrial marketing and innovation: An even greater focus on the market and the needs of customers will promote additional growth. Driving innovation serves this same purpose.

Global resource management: Shifting resources will allow the company to seize growth opportunities, especially in emerging economies. At the same time, it is important to develop and expand potential around the world.

Sustainability: Fostering a culture of sustainability in all aspects of business will help to ensure the long-term growth of the company’s value.