Meeting the needs of a changing world

Improving the quality of life

Bayer MaterialScience has the vision to empower its customers and unite its employees to be the partner, supplier and employer of choice, across the globe. We want to improve the quality of life with sustainable and innovative materials and solutions.

Safety, reliability and compliance are at the heart of Bayer MaterialScience

It’s not simply being a great place to work, where people are inspired and inspiring on a daily basis. It’s not just maximizing the return on shareholders’ investment.

It’s about being a responsible global citizen for all kinds of stakeholders which makes a difference to the sustainability of the planet, now and well into the future.

Part of the vision is to continuously provide customers and partners with quality products and services, at competitive prices in a safe and nurturing environment. Safety, reliability and compliance are at the heart of the company with the flexibility of being able to adapt to meet the needs of a changing world.