Raw materials drive innovations in construction

Saving energy and providing efficient building solutions are important innovation drivers in the construction industry. Bayer MaterialScience is active in residential and commercial construction and offers innovative solutions for insulation, coating and structural components.

Sustainable buildings are the key to climate protection
Materials from Bayer MaterialScience help to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector.

Polyurethane insulation materials can reduce the energy consumption of buildings significantly and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Makrolon® stands for light weight and transparent polycarbonate resins and PC-sheets that open up entirely different design solutions compared to glass elements.

Polyurethane coating raw materials are ideal for durable coatings in high traffic areas of commercial and industrial buildings. Polyurethane adhesives raw materials for structural wood elements make it possible to use wood as a renewable construction material instead of heavier structural materials commonly used in the construction industry.

Bayer MaterialScience has launched a global initiative for sustainable and environmentally friendly construction solutions: the EcoCommercial Building Program. This is a large, interdisciplinary network of partners that offer services and solutions for residential and commercial buildings, which are among the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

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