High Performance Materials for the E/E industry

Safe operation and a reliable material performance are key requirements for products in the Electro and Electronics (E/E) industries. Bayer MaterialScience provides multiple solutions in this field.

High Performance Materials for the E/E industry
Material from Bayer MaterialScience is used, for example, for functional parts in luminaires based on light emitting diodes (LEDs).

When it comes to mechanical and electrical properties such as surface resistance, volume resistivity and dielectric strength, Makrolon® polycarbonate is the material of choice.

For more specific requirements like heat resistance, electrical insulation, flame retardancy and many more properties, Bayer MaterialScience offers suitable polycarbonate blends.

Poly-isocyanate potting materials protect sensitive electronic parts against damage, dust and aggressive chemicals.

In the appliance industry polyurethane thermal insulation materials contribute to the energy efficiency of modern refrigerators. Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are the material of choice when it comes to outstanding abrasion resistance and rebound resilience. Coating raw materials provide the basis for high quality surfaces of electrical appliances and electronic devices.

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