Sustainable innovation materialized

INSQIN®: Inspiration in every square inch

Are you wondering how the textile industry can source new fabrics that not only enable disruptive innovation but also embrace more sustainable manufacturing processes? We have the answer you’re looking for: INSQIN® from Bayer.

PU from Bayer brings magic to textile marterials

New technology and a new way of working

INSQIN®: It starts with pure waterborne PU technology from Bayer, the inventor of PU. INSQIN® technology, designed especially for the coating of textiles, brings functionality to fabrics and astounding quality to synthetic leather.

Encompassing a range of waterborne PU dispersions (PUD’s), INSQIN® technology opens up a wealth of possibilities to enhance and transform fabrics. For example quieter, more comfortable functional layers and high performance screen printing for apparel or footwear fabrics. Or PU leather able to match both the design requirements of fashion and the performance requirements of sports applications. And importantly, INSQIN® enables efficient and solvent-free manufacturing processes, thereby addressing some of the major concerns around coated fabric material manufacturing.

But INSQIN® is even more. Bayer offers a unique set of services to accelerate the introduction of new products and promote sustainable practices in the supply chain. We work closely with both manufacturers and brand owners on projects, connecting needs from the market with the possibilities offered by our technology.

For manufacturers, our state-of-the-art pilot coating facilities allow much of the development to happen with a minimal stoppage in production. Companies meeting sustainable production criteria can also join a voluntary INSQIN® Partner Manufacturer program.

We also work directly with brand owners to expedite development of new types of material as well as support commercial scale-up with either a company of your choice or an INSQIN® Partner Manufacturer that is committed to sustainable practices.

INSQIN® brand video:

Youtube Viedo of INSQIN - inspiration to the fashion and sports industries 

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