Securing the future through multi-billion spending plans

Worldwide investment programs

The state-of-the-art production facilities that Bayer MaterialScience maintains around the world are as big as apartment buildings and set new standards in output, efficiency and safety. Their continuous expansion and technical optimization are given high priority. The same applies to the other elements vital to the company’s success: innovative processes, smoothly functioning infrastructure and punctual logistics.

Bayer MaterialScience continues to invest in its activities around the globe.

From Brunsbüttel on the North Sea to Baytown on the Gulf of Mexico – Bayer MaterialScience will continue to invest in its sites in the three key regions of Europe, Asia and the Americas over the years ahead in order to maintain its leading positions.

Major expansion in China

The main focus of this investment is China, where continued strong growth and a high demand for plastics are expected. The biggest plans call for the investment of 1 billion euros in the expansion of production capacities at the Shanghai integrated production site in the next few years.

This continues the strong policy of investment that Bayer MaterialScience has employed over recent years. Just over two billion euros, for instance, has already been invested at Shanghai as part of a multi-year program running there through 2012 with a new plant for TDI, the raw material for flexible foams, as the latest major project. And a total of around 1.5 billion euros has been spent for the four major German production sites since 2001.