Developing materials to meet the needs of future markets

Research for the world of tomorrow

How will the world look in the next ten years? What kind of products will future generations need? Global teams of innovators at Bayer MaterialScience are seeking answers to these questions, developing new applications of materials and so shaping the future. At the same time, the company is constantly investing in upgrading its global production facilities which provide the backbone for innovative products.

Innovation & Investment
Innovation at Bayer MaterialScience means creativity for inventing new solutions.

Innovation at Bayer MaterialScience means creativity for inventing new solutions, based on the deep knowledge of our experts and those of our cooperation partners. It means effectiveness and efficiency in marketing and launching new products successfully into the markets. 1,100 of our employees around the world are directly involved in innovation.

And it means listening attentively to the current and future needs of the markets and being open for external competencies and ideas. Close cooperation with major industry players as well as academia is crucial for the company to break new ground and develop those products for which there is a need, following the guiding principle “Science for A Better Life”.

But the best research and development efforts are worthless without state-of-the-art production plants and processes to realize innovative products. As such, Bayer MaterialScience has been investing billions of euros to build, maintain and optimize state-of-the-art facilities which are best in class regarding efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability.