Using energy-saving production processes

Pioneering efficiency

Plastics such as those manufactured by Bayer MaterialScience have positive effects on the environment. But they first consume energy in production, which in turn generates greenhouse gas emissions. The company works continuously to make production as efficient as possible, in some cases through processes and methods of its own design that in some cases serve as models for other companies. Bayer MaterialScience sees itself as a pioneer on the way to a low carbon economy.

Increasing energy efficency
Bayer MaterialScience places great importance on conserving resources and increasing energy efficiency.

The entire industry accounts for roughly one-fifth of global emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases harmful to the climate. So it bears special responsibility in all efforts to conserve our natural resources through sustainable practices. Bayer MaterialScience accepts this responsibility, knowing also that the earth’s natural resources are becoming ever scarcer.

The company has already taken numerous steps to conserve resources and increase energy efficiency. A key role here, for example, is played by STRUCTese®, an interdisciplinary system for optimizing energy management, which is being introduced in 60 plants around the globe.

In addition, Bayer MaterialScience applies numerous individual methods, for example in energy-saving chlorine manufacturing or for avoiding climate-damaging laughing gas.