More than 14,200 employees are key to success

The heart of the company

Our employees are the key to our success. Every day Bayer MaterialScience employees around the world drive the company forward.

Employees at Bayer MaterialScience
More than 14,200 employees at over major 30 sites are engaged in the research, production, marketing and administration.

More than 14,200 employees at over major 30 sites are engaged in research and development, production, marketing and administration of new products and applications and spearhead our entry into new markets. In short, our international teams shape the future of our company.

Employee satisfaction is very important to Bayer MaterialScience. That’s why fostering the morale and motivation of our employees and developing their individual abilities play a central role at our company.

Employees are offered regular training and continuing professional development opportunities, so everyone has a chance to develop their full potential.

Bayer’s values provide guidance for our employees in their daily work and contain a clear commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity. Bayer MaterialScience thrives on the personal diversity of its employees at all levels.