Comprehensive sustainability strategy

Valuing employees, protecting the environment

Sustainability is a modern-day requirement and concept encompassing many facets. These include protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, safeguarding basic needs, managing our business effectively, ensuring employees’ well-being and taking responsibility for the welfare of society as a whole. These are the values which guide Bayer MaterialScience and align with the Bayer Group’s sustainability strategy. It is a concept we live by, with environmentally friendly products, safe processes and clear rules.

Bayer MaterialScience provides innovative materials for sustainable solutions, especially for renewable energies.

As a leading materials supplier, Bayer MaterialScience develops and manufactures products that are used in many areas of daily life – at home, at work, on the move and in recreation. These products also have a positive and sometimes quite considerable impact on climate and the environment. Polyurethanes, for example, is are an excellent sustainable material, especially when used as thermal insulation.

The manufacture of such products, mainly on the basis of crude oil, is naturally complex. It consumes energy which results in the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In this regard, the company has defined ambitious targets: from 2005 to 2020, it aims to reduce specific emissions by 40 percent. For the Bayer Group this means a 35 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per ton of product sold. A number of innovative production processes will help to achieve this.

Comprehensive product stewardship

Our processes and production units are energy-efficient and safe. An absolute priority for Bayer MaterialScience is ensuring maximum possible safety in our offices and at our sites, inside and outside our buildings. The same applies to our products. We are committed to product stewardship which involves the thorough assessment of potential health and environmental risks along the entire value chain.

Responsible care and compliance also govern the way we interact with our employees, who are the key to our company’s success. Bayer MaterialScience attaches great importance to diversity and equal opportunity, and respect and responsibility characterize our interaction with all other stakeholders, whether they are suppliers, customers, neighbors, authorities or organizations.    

More information can be found in the Bayer Sustainable Development Reports.