Product responsibility is paramount

Duty of care

Product responsibility is very important at Bayer MaterialScience. Everyone involved in this vital function around the world has a duty of care to minimize the health, safety and environmental risks of each product over its entire lifespan – from research and production through to disposal.

Bayer MaterialScience aims for complete product safety.
Bayer MaterialScience aims for complete product safety.

Regarding the safe handling of products, Bayer MaterialScience professionals, across all areas of the business, work closely with customers, trade associations, distributors and the public.

The aim is to ensure health, safety and environmental considerations are communicated effectively throughout the supply chain.

Bayer MaterialScience also pays particular attention to new materials and technologies by providing information and guidance for their intended use.

This applies particularly to nanotechnology and Bisphenol A, an important building block for the production of polycarbonate.